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Achieve 3000

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Now your child can improve his or her reading skills at home with the same great technology program we're using in school: KidBizPro.

Throughout the week, KidBizPro will send your child lessons. Every student in the class gets the same basic lesson, but the content is customized to match each child's own reading level. The lesson comes with a variety of fun activities to improve your child's comprehension, vocabulary and writing skills. As your child's reading level improves, KidBiz will increase the level of difficulty so he/she remains challenged and interested. Doing his or her best on the activities will ensure the best match between your child's ability and the content delivered. It is also important that your child's answers to the questions reflect work completed independently and without extra assistance.

Maximize your child's literacy development at home using the 5 Steps to help ensure College and Career Readiness.

1. Before Reading Poll: Use this step to reinforce the informal writing, speaking and listening by encouraging your child to share their thoughts about the Before Reading Poll. Then discuss with your child to help hin/her access prior knowledge.

2.  Article: Have your child summarize or generate questions about the passage after reading the article.

3. Activity: Teach test taking strategies by showing your child how to eliminated to find the best answer.  Then encourage the to reread the passage to identify answers.

4.  After Reading Poll:  After completing the Poll, ask your child to evaluate the before and after reading responses. Did they change?  What evidence helped them to change their response?

5  Thought Question:  Discuss the prompt prior to writing.  Encourage you child to reference the text to support their answer.